Benefits to Owning a Mobile Home

Owning a mobile home has numerous benefits that we often don’t consider, including affordability, maintenance, and movability.

Renting a home means paying someone for the use of their property. The only benefit you derive from renting is simply having a roof over your head and a place to rest your head at night. And while that’s nothing to scoff at, renting is literally throwing money down the proverbial drain. At the end of your lease, you have nothing to show for the money you’ve paid your landlord. 

Owning, on the other hand, has numerous financial benefits. While mobile homes don’t increase in value the way “stick-built” homes do, the home is still your home. Your credit rating will be higher with a mortgage when you pay on time and if you are fortunate to have your mobile home placed on land you either own or have mortgaged in your name, the land will continue to rise in value, and once you pay for the land, or paid far enough into the mortgage, building a home can become an option for you. 

Mobile homes are much more affordable than stick-built homes. They are generally built on pre-designed floor plans, so while they are not as customizable as stick-built homes, these pre-designed floor plans are cheaper by the square-foot, which means you get great amenities at a more affordable price. In essence, your money goes further.

Another great advantage of owning a mobile home is quality and maintenance. Mobile homes are built in a factory and then transported to a location where it will be installed. Factories have strict quality guidelines, so much the same as buying a car and having all of the options pre-installed, your mobile home comes pre-loaded with factory-installed and constructed options. Ask us about maintenance schedules to keep your mobile looking brand new, because preventive maintenance is much cheaper in the long run than making repairs and replacing items. 

Movability is another benefit of owning a mobile home. While moving a mobile home that has been underpinned isn’t easy or necessarily cheap, it’s much easier and cheaper than moving a stick-built home. This is a consideration if you need to temporarily place your mobile home on rented property, such as in a mobile home park, while you save money to purchase your own land. If this scenario is likely when you purchase your mobile home, discuss it with the agent who sells you the home so he/she can help you set up the home with moving it in mind to hopefully lessen cost and hardship when the time comes to relocate..

Beginning your home ownership with a mobile home is a great way to start investing in your financial future as you work toward a secure retirement. If you start in your 20s, by the time your retire in your 60s, you can own your own home and land free and clear. Before you rent, consider owning a mobile home. Here are some additional resources:

*We are not financial advisors, so please consult a professional financial advisor to help you build your retirement plan. But we are mobile home experts, so please consult us with questions regarding owning and maintaining a mobile home.

Published by Donna and Billy Price

Price Mobile Home Service is a locally owned small business serving the Roxboro and Person County at large community. We offer competitive prices, as well as friendly service to help you maintain your mobile home.

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